Episode 1 - Katie Moussouris

Episode 1 – Katie Moussouris, Luta Security

Computer security researcher and CEO of Luta Security Katie Moussouris (@k8em0) talks about her life in the penetration testing trenches, advocating responsible security research, building bug bounty programs and the challenges of succeeding as a woman in the industry.

Timestamped highlights:

7:56:  Barriers to entry for women in security.

9:25:  Rumors and allegations of sexual assault and abuse at security conferences.

17:04:  Setting up bug bounty programs at Microsoft and the early days of finding security vulnerabilities in non-Microsoft products.

31:50:  Are bug bounties sustainable and how does it affect job security for CISOs and decision makers.

45:00:  The truth about bug bounty programs — ‘active’ users on platforms and real skills available among bug finders