Co-founder and Chief Security Officer at Signal Sciences
Episode 19 - Zane Lackey

Episode 19 – Zane Lackey, Signal Sciences

Co-founder and Chief Security Officer at Signal Sciences Zane Lackey riffs on DevOps and security, the almost impossible task of defending organizations from intruders, the intersection of bug bounties and penetration testing, and the pros and cons of launching a company with venture capital investment.

Episode 12 - Brad Arkin

Episode 12 – Brad Arkin, Adobe

Adobe’s Chief Security Officer Brad Arkin talks about setting and managing risk management priorities, protecting company infrastructure, the challenges of securing software, and the looming death of Adobe Flash Player.

Episode 10 - Tom Conklin

Episode 10 – Tom Conklin, Vera Security

Senior Director of Security and Compliance at Vera Security Tom Conklin talks about the pros and cons of using bug bounty programs, the challenges of managing risk in smaller companies, and why user awareness training is an ongoing headache for security administrators.